BREXHIP is a bridge between Italy and the United Kingdom that goes in the opposite direction to the closure and protection of the national borders that characterizes our actuality, convinced as we are of the primacy of knowledge, in all its forms, as a carrier capable to carry any type of content and cultural model, in an exchange that has always been a harbinger of systemic changes, in all the ages that preceded us, of fertile contaminations, of never-ending intuitions, at the forefront and aimed at the future.


BREXHIP is a platform that aims to redirect resources and all forms of design towards the creation of new utopias in dystopian times, the method is experimentation, the occasion is music: we therefore address to all that is born in the our territory and deserves the right attention, the necessary visibility; at the same time we believe that there are never too many spotlights on the British scene, on the endless paths that with a sense of simplification we have always labeled as independent, in the continuous revival of genres that have constituted the foundations of 50 years of music, from electronics to most wanted pop.


Our time, so characterized by digital and technological progress, allows us to take a look at a past that is a rich historical archive, in an ongoing process that sees certain of the directions to be taken, of the paths to be taken to return to imagine a future with curiosity and enthusiasm.

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