Episode 12 – Cactus?


We interviewed Cactus? at the Camden Assembly in London, where they hypnotized the audience with that mixture of rhythm and samples that seem to be taken from a tilted game room and that made us love them from the first moment.

Their Superfastlofishitdisco EP “No People Party” is a rush of adrenaline and tension on stage, that skinny, nervous, captivating, but far from systematic to pop structures, is one of the most engaging acts for those who love music that doesn’t surrenders to boredom and stereotypes and focuses on originality, just with the means available.

Cactus? live their moment in the best possible way, having fun and above all remaining immersed in their own sound, wondering what is missing and what is too much, there is an empathic contact between them, maybe this is the secret of one of the bands that has created more curiosity, in recent times.

Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 12 – Cactus?
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