Episode 14 – Sugarthief


Sugarthief and their indie pop to get while it’s going.

Catchy, easy, full of soul indie pop, lovable songs to get while they’re going.
Sugarthief come from Birmingham, born with the brothers Jordi and Jack James, and develops into a band where every element is in its right place.
Bright sounds that exploits a neat and essential harmony, and soft melodies ready to accompany us in a stimulating listening.
The last Arctic Monkeys but also the first Style Councils, if you want to dive into the past, when black music was reinterpreted with brit taste and some more acid guitar (like in “Why’d You Listen (You Shouldn’t Listen)”) pushes the limit a little further, revealing not only a certain nostalgic feeling but also a more psychedelic vein.

The real explosion comes in the moment of their engaging and dynamic lives. They shared the stage with the main groups that mark out the Birmingham scene: Ocean Color Scene, Editors, The Twang, staging an electricity that leaves its mark. As the staff of Brexhip, we wanted to have a first-hand experience and so we did a few nights ago at The Grace in London.

Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 14 – Sugarthief
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