Episode 3 – Night Flowers

The analogy that recurs in the Night Flowers lyrics is the eternal Shakespearean / Star Wars clash between light and darkness, a light grasping desperately to any crevice to stay alive. It is a battle that applies to their previous single “Glow in the Dark”, as well as the last “Losing the Light“. Crystalline streams of guitars have been placed like luminous headlamps in the nights of emotional storm that surprises this quintet, showing itself as a sweet transatlantic union between London and Boston.

Soundcastles” bursts into their latest album “Wild Notion” (Dirty Bingo Records), with that romantic drive and that poetic impetus that often accompanies their songs: Sophia’s voice is light and pleasant, soft flowing on sound mix set up by her bandmates, “Night Alive” is instead more sanguine and dynamic, enthralling in its concise and uncomplicated dream pop.

The romantic appearance of Night Flowers is reflected in their careful song writing, through which we relive all the exciting pop in the last thirty years. Their voices are intertwined in beams of light and there is a completeness of writing that doesn’t get lost in unnecessary details and gets straight to the point.

The adamantine energy of this band is not only shown in the studio, it reflects in the numerous live performances in the United Kingdom (a second tour in Japan has also been scheduled, thanks to the success of the first). There is a profuse grit in their personal reinterpretation of the more ethereal and dreamy indie-pop shoegaze; Night Flowers keep up a thoughtful attitude towards reality and an irrepressible and incisive energy to build up these 10 gems. These jewels are destined to shine eternally, celebrating the victory over the darkness of the monotony that often surrounds us.


Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 3 – Night Flowers
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