Episode 4 – Kick

In this episode the Brescian duo Kick talk to us about their latest piece, “Post-Truth”, about their creative process, their favourite playlists and how their passion for making music and get involved in the music industry was born.

The trip-hop and downtempo sounds of their early work has changed into black sounds and more experimental hip-hop influences in the grooves. Nicola flicks between the most spacey shoegaze and noise in his guitar noises, enriching their look with a more avant-garde tone. The sharp and celestial voice of Chiara Amalia seems to come from the edge of a dream, and redefines the strange yet poetic expressivity of the duo.

Kick are exactly what we expected live, meticulous attention to detail as artists but ready to give more space to giving a dynamic live performance. Their shows engage the audience striking all the right notes, captivating us  with their hypnotic and evocative sound.


Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 4 – Kick
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