Episode 7 – Tin Woodman


Of course, we’re not the first to say it but…robot manipulation of human beings has already begun.

It’s just that this time, thanks to cybernetic interference, the two lads in question write pieces with the same creative spark as brothers Ron and Russel Mael. In this case, the artistic direction comes from Artificial Intelligence Unit by the name of Tin Woodman – a wise cybernetic precursor of our current times. The robot manages the style and support which this trio bases its act, flights of fantasy with unrestrained imagination.

The explosive charge of each piece is sure to capture the listeners: this is such good stuff that we can brush off the concept of “monkey on the back” of the good William Burroughs. Watch out here, there is definitely something for everyone.

All this music, delirium Reagan’s hedonism and the consequent superfluity in the outfits and sounds can all be seen through a lens of eighties aesthetics. Some of us see this as both a blessing and a curse – it’s present in every track, and the variety of sounds and tendencies makes sure we never get tired of listening. “Azkadellia” is the story of a mesmerising and imaginative journey: the two men and the robot joined up with the expert hands of producer / musician Pierluigi Ballarin to make this jewel, a long way from most other Italian indie music.

They are the Italian MGMT, treasuring the past Sparks and Cars lesson, and even the earlier easy-listening scores produced by McCartney. Let’s think about this for a second: they travel at very high frequencies and they also play like gods. The Tin Woodman season has just begun, let’s join the party straight away. The one we’re already late to.


Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 7 – Tin Woodman
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