Episode 2 – Talk to Her

“Where’s my home ?” wonders Andrea, vocals and synth of Talk To Her, passionately searching through the eyes in that dark and inscrutable landscape of their debut album; “Home”.

The sound dominating the darkness is the rhythm design of Francesco, at one with the fluid pulsations emitted by Riccardo, closing ranks together until the night, darkness and solitude penetrate the under-attack trench, illuminated by the shower of sparks from Stefano’s guitar, pouring out of every possible crevice.

The  track titles of “Home” might point to physical places; going deeper they suggest a mental state of the human being; however, they are in fact stages of the alchemical process, a study of the light inside, an inescapable face-to-face with our real selves that happens when the storm has calmed since “..in the mist everything has the same colour”.

Just like their EP cover would suggest, in a dimension where Gestalt psychology dominates, the external reality becomes a mirror for the soul. The mysterious masked figure that springs to mind is shown at the end of Andrea’s chase in the splendid yet haunting video “Zodiac”. It is the catharsis of the “Journey at the End of the Night”, to quote Louis-Ferdinand Céline, when our long-yearned-for home finally comes shimmering onto the horizon, with its flimsy and vague spiritual architecture; the final frontier between waking and sleeping.

Nando Dorelassi

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Episode 2 – Talk to Her
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