The Trusted – No Real Control


Are you ready for the post-punk twist of The Trusted ?

This time, the four lads from Southend-on-Sea have led us to Dungerness in Kent: the sea lapping at one side, and towering in the background, the invisible presence of the nuclear power plant; two elements of unspeakable power that represent the radicalized interaction between nature and humanity. And right in the middle of this majestic scene of these two battling forces, we see The Trusted, with their new single “No Real Control”

The single has a underlying theme of losing control, surprising and overpowering us as we spiral further into feelings of unrequited love, irrational, passionate: the pulsing energic guitar sounds of Dale Holt-Mead mimics those turbines that encompass our weak resistances, releasing us for a few moments into pure lucidity.

Our curiosity to see these lads play live is growing every day, maybe one day even here in Italy….

Nando Dorelassi 

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The Trusted – No Real Control
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