A breath of fresh air… and of excellent pop-rock, from Fermo, in Marche (Italy) [Review]


Denis Rossi, aka Indigo Quest, undoubtedly has talent. From 2015 he writes, records and produces his music (and shoots his video clips) in what is, actually, a potential indie-rock career with all the blessings and the collateral effects of the genre.

The sound is an explosive mix made up of well-chosen riffs, pop hooks, glamorous voices, Brit references, and solid classic rock roots, that are not easily found around in these ungrateful times.

A year after the compendium of guitars and fresh air that was “So Much Pressure“, Indigo returns months later with the single “R-rated Fairy Tale”, in which suggestions from the Kinks united to an electric whirl – worthy of the best Supergrass – create a happy marriage that can only be received with genuine enthusiasm.

If you started to lose hope in terms of well thought-out rock played in a conscious manner, I am happy to suggest you the latest work of the versatile artist from Fermo, in Marche (Italy): a deep dive in sound that will leave you satisfied, we are talking about “The Last of The lost Souls “. 

The charge of wild and primordial energy that we’ve been founding years ago in the most successful episodes of The Hives, reveals itself now in these three minutes, where the tension meanders in a continuous, winking, and seductive pose, perfected one piece after another, with a meticulous care and a passion that goes beyond all boundaries. There is space also for a suite of bright and psychedelic colors "And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It", that documents an experimental sensibility, in a mesh-up that finds continuity in an interstellar rock-blues, between the reverberations of a lucid dream that fades into unreality. Tomorrow the new album “Monday Breakfast” will be released and as you can see we can expect great surprises. Indeed, from that effervescent "Yes/No" released four years ago, Indigo Quest keeps giving us real gems, worthy of emerging from the darkness of the web and being appreciated.

Nando Dorelassi
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A breath of fresh air… and of excellent pop-rock, from Fermo, in Marche (Italy) [Review]
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