A single and an 8-bit game platform for eego and his “BACK TO BED” [Single Review]


It’s impossible to comprehensively list all the emotions that took turns in this phase 1 of the lockdown, from the enthusiasms felt from taking possession of the time and dedicate it to reading/viewing/listening to cultural contents, to a sense of silence/solitude that from contemplation often threatened to turn into a sticky depression. However, there is someone who succeeds perfectly, we are talking about Antonio Castellano a.k.a. eego, a Calabrian settled in Milan, a personality who has not missed anything in the field of entertainment, from artistic direction of events to production, not least songwriting with the most avant-garde and experimental lines.

The recent events in terms of health emergency are holding back the release of “POP DISEASE” (which remains scheduled within the year anyway), a sort of music diary of the last 5 years of eego’s life but won’t block the release of the single “BACK TO BED”. Music is a continuous and unstructured flow in which, from a magmatic and inexorable beat, mixed with treated voice samples à la Etienne De Crecy, electronic sounds unfold in that wide and varied range of sounds, that goes from IDM to trap, with which eego has the great ability to express a deep feeling that dwells in the hidden areas of human existence, sometimes dark, sometimes illuminated by the faint lights of a hope that doesn’t want to quench.

But eego's offer doesn't stop there. To get even better into the mood of the song, eego programs an 8-bit platform game reminiscent of the glories of Super Nintendo, which allows us to virtually experience a sample case the of small/big things that marked the rhythm of his lockdown within his home microcosm, and to overcome various tests that will end in a solemn and mystical meeting between the oppressive darkness of the night and the warm glow of dawn. The single features the participation of Arua, a soul-permeated voice that follows the beat and envelops with its soft and welcoming tone; is released by the doubledouble.net label, with the excellent artwork by Francesco Donato that gives a touch of vapor-wave to the context.

Nando Dorelassi
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A single and an 8-bit game platform for eego and his “BACK TO BED” [Single Review]
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