A wonderful discovery from the West Midlands. [Review]


From the West Midlands comes an adrenaline rush and some remarkable alternative-rock, they are the Fat Cat, and their “Josie Moon” is a happy encounter between melody and electric grit, one of those singles who sweep your doubts away and impose themselves on your listening arousing an immediate enthusiasm.

Corner Room” already heralded what is in fact an innate capacity of building easy-grip tracks, that aim, without any fuss, to reach us with a “live” personality in the DNA and quite an intensity.

Change In Mind” is an excellent ballad that, in addition to adding nuances to the musical proposal of the Birmingham band, demonstrates the ability to wander with sounds, albeit remaining in a rock setting that puts the melody at the service of songwriting.

A good test for the Fat Cat, capable of synthesize a formula that, while including the brit-indie-rock tradition, manages to personalize the message and to put us in front of a sound resulting from a personal research, direct and effective as never before. Photography by Matt Crockford

Nando Dorelassi
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A wonderful discovery from the West Midlands. [Review]
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