Altar of Love is a liberating ritual that meet the expectations.


Vera Di Lecce has been active on the international music scene for about 10 years, she experimented with sounds and language, being able to elaborate a strictly personal and fascinating music formula, both in writing and production.

Just 7 years ago her album “29 seconds” was released, a work where her vocality developed in various ways, the minimalism, the spontaneity, and the experimentation, all in a perfect balance, a composition launched at the borders of pop, the guitar shaping the forms of a fully successful vital work.

In Altar of Love, Vera pushes forward her creative process, her voice is still recognizable and accompanies us inside the plot of a difficult story, the concept is intimate and tells the war against her inner demons, but also the strategy of a possible victory.

The sounds are more industrial, even in a folk framework that makes this product ethereal and floating, fragile chants and rhythmic lallations suspended in time and space, they alternate with an obscure and spectral electronic pop, electronic music enhances each track, leaving us with the sensation of a dream where the details slip away, making way for a sense of threat, the inexorable clash with an enemy that we know very well and that resembles us tremendously.

Alessandro Doni


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Altar of Love is a liberating ritual that meet the expectations.
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