Amber Jay is the debut EP that emerges powerfully on the British indie scene.


“Never Too Far From A Dark Thought” is precisely the title of the debut EP of Amber Jay, the songwriter from Liverpool who was able to cause a cold fusion between genres, reaching a synthesis in which only originality takes the upper hand and defines the work.

The EP really just forced itself into the world. I didn’t plan to make it but after recording ‘Stay The Same’ it all made so much sense that this body of work needed to be made” and it’s exactly from that song that our love for Amber Jay began here at Brexhip, convinced that new and untouched heights of the most innovative bedroom pop have been reached.

“Pencilled Brims” is a melancholic and mysterious song, almost veiled by a certain restlessness, an electro-pop that branches off in various directions, favoring mood changes with a free and “arty” attitude. “The House” resounds in a cloud, where the acoustic guitar is soon joined by a synth and then there’s Amber’s voice that rises with astonishing intensity.

“My Own Way” is a simple song, arranged with taste and sense of proportion, everything happens very slowly before an electronic groove strongly takes hold of the situation.

“Person”, with these reverberating notes, takes us back inside the bedroom where all this came to life, between the emotions and thoughts (light or heavy) that made Amber discover music from a very young age. We can vaguely imagine what the “Dark Thoughts” could be, always around the corner for a teenager from Liverpool in an unfortunate era like this, but certainly none of these “dark thoughts” will be about being ordinary or unimportant. These songs really don’t have to worry about that.



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Amber Jay is the debut EP that emerges powerfully on the British indie scene.
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