An Afro (sound) walk with Mei [EP Review]


Hurrygirl” is a single that reawakens our most desperate sensations with its imaginative structure. There’s a very personal fragrance to Mei, giving us a stimulating listening experience.

When black music is able to go beyond itself, becoming lyrical, the stylistic elements are often put aside, allowing the individuality of an artist to blossom. Even though this is her debut, she moves with confidence towards a contaminated, experimental territory where nothing is foreseeable.

From the warm, embracing chords of “Lately” we can already almost taste the finesse that leads us through this EP; “Warning” is a groovy flirt with pop atmospheres. Sheila Maurice-Grey works with Mei in “Afrowalk”, a more traditional reflection on music from its roots; after all Mei herself started out in a gospel choir at the age of 11.

“Hurrygirl” is accompanied by a video filmed by Tom Ringsby: he seems to have captured the beauty of the artist, the physicality of her message, the contact and desire for community that her music inspires in every note.

If you’re looking for an album with vibrant sounds and a smooth voice ready to share stories, this is the EP for you.

Nando Dorelassi
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An Afro (sound) walk with Mei [EP Review]
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