Arctic Lake, pure pop and grace. [Single Review]


Arctic Lake embodies an aesthetic where natural elements have an extraordinary centrality. When I first saw the cover of “Limits” I thought I could sense the implicit goal of the trio’s music: to involve us by creating a more or less forgotten network of connections between us humans and an immeasurable concept of space to surround us.

In my opinion, the music of Arctic Lake represents the exit from the original nucleus, an opening towards the world, with an innate instinct for self-preservation; a sound that has so metabolized tradition and roots that it becomes airy and universal.

"Holding On" is all this, an instant-to-instant unfolding that unites astral distances, a pop of pure forms, a grace in the arrangements that escapes the force of gravity, remaining suspended between what we are and what we would like to be. This is an invitation to raise our gaze, a listening that reduces the presence of the elements in play, highlighting what we could no longer do without.

Nando Dorelassi
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Arctic Lake, pure pop and grace. [Single Review]
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