Around my neck is the most original expression of Italian contemporary pop music.


Seen from a certain perspective, one could speak of a 360-degree turn for Eugenia Post Meridiem regarding their latest single, a song that sounds more exotic than ever, but also sophisticated and rich for its experimental nuances that are almost completely new for the band from Genoa, Italy.

An afro-beat drums immediately let us slip into a hectic mood, the instruments do their best to stay glued to the rhythm and Eugenia’s voice flies to the highest levels, both from the quality and composition point of view.

Their early folk-rock is present in some way, even though a more electronic, compact, and minimal sound is preferred in “Around my neck”, as if to highlight the enthusiastic evolution of the song, I invite you to listen to it right now, as it’s four minutes of overwhelming, dreamy, and (messily) danceable pop.

Willpower is their previous single, a song in which the band distils a rich sound, born from the contribution of each member of the band and dispersed in a thousand streams. The strong sensation of being in the presence of a relevant band is renewed, a band capable of characterizing a sound and making it perfectly recognizable, without losing their boundless imagination and compositional freedom.

Like I need tension” is the title of their next album, scheduled for release on November 18th for Bronson Recordings, the songs published portend a high-level listening for an international project that deserves to take off and reach the corners of the world where people still listen to great music.

Alessandro Doni


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Around my neck is the most original expression of Italian contemporary pop music.
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