BABii and her digital-pop fairy tale. [Single Review]


BABii is from Margate and her music is strongly influenced by her childhood: a many-sided and multi-coloured pop/fantasy aesthetic universe that goes from “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende, to her fascination for trainers, to her desire to make music with the evocative power of a Disney soundtrack.

With “CARNiiVORE” she manages to sew up an electro-pop with dark and sublime nuances, synthetic and layered sounds taking up all the space they want before BABii and her voice (a mixture of childish emotions and technoid chilliness) envelops us in its vapor-wave.

The rhythm flirts with a darker and more atmospheric grime, the sensation of finding yourself in a lucid dream with opalescent hues that slowly take on the rarefied contours of a nightmare. "Hiide" will be released on July 5 on her debut album via Death Waltz Originals, co-produced by beatmaker and dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood. Expect an album that will provoke a thousand emotions as well as rivers of words on the web. For now, all the conditions for the attention threshold remaining high are in place.

Nando Dorelassi
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BABii and her digital-pop fairy tale. [Single Review]
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