Cloth, the Glaswegian trio dedicated to alternative rock


Demo Love” came out in 2018, and with it the Cloth burst onto the Glasgow scene. They distinguished themselves with their fiery sounds borne out of guitars and a weightless voice that seems to come out of the most hidden parts of thought. Their latest single “Holder” is a beautiful synthesis of alternative rock of that ever-changing movement that sounds so wonderfully good.

The carefully cultivated arrangements and an ethereal voice full of suspense and attitude reminds us of Blonde Redhead – and its always interesting to see another trio with twins in the line-up.

Cloth seem to have an innate passion for detail, the importance of which is apparent from the first time you listen to this track all the way through. Different atmospheres come and go, setting a tone of tranquillity that is at times subtle. The vocals seem to lead us into the very heart of dreams, a place where signs can be deciphered, but as soon as it does so the guitars snatch us away, like obscure strands of a dreamlike matter that only Castaneda would be able to accurately describe.

And these atmospheres are inescapably intense; crystals of luminous sounds that break down barriers and fly over indistinct landscapes. They make everything feel slightly unnatural, distancing our understanding from our senses.

2018 was the year for Cloth: they signed with the record label Last Night from Glasgow, they supported C Duncan, they were invited to do a live session at BBC Radio Scotland. Not a bad start, but all accounts!


Nando Dorelassi

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Cloth, the Glaswegian trio dedicated to alternative rock
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