Ekkah : when dance meets pop. [Single Review]


Oftentimes when dance meets pop, real miracles are born. There are paths trodden by the great stars of the mainstream firmament that confirm this. From a past when hits had to meet the needs of dance floors that were more aesthetic than linked to the clubbing scene, but present and influential in the recording industry.

Ekkah’s “Just a Thing” aims high, condensing vapourous electronica to a bass that moves with a padded step, as if it were inspecting the sound field in a melting pot of refined and groovy sounds. A perfect carpet for a singing-style that shines like something that initially resembles spontaneity, but at closer look can only be recognized as style.

"Just a Thing" (the Patawawa remix is also excellent) is therefore a natural evolution of dance, perfectly inserted into a European context; from Kylie Minogue to the French electro-pop tradition, to the glossier Italian record, a squaring of the circle that Rebecca and Rebeckah seem to have completed as a real test of character. There is little to discuss, and much to dance to.

Nando Dorelassi
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Ekkah : when dance meets pop. [Single Review]
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