ELLiS·D and his searing and unsettling single track “Homecoming Queen”.


Nature’s Game” was a reflection on the most intimate aspects of human coexistence, on the alternation of stability and insecurity, on the chaotic perception through which we try to understand the world around us, and that often escapes us. A complex theme seen by a sensitive mature young eye.

A sound where New Wave, Post-Punk, and Neo-psychedelia intertwine reaching new nuances, where a nervous guitar and a drumming, both soaked in disquiet, open the way to ELLiS·D’s voice, dense of reminiscences and expressive in its deeply melancholic charge.

On the other hand, a hypnotic bass guitar is entrusted with the task of opening the dances in “Homecoming Queen”, where the flamboyance the artist possesses is expressed within a blues structure. The sense of anticipation is never resolved, and the instruments set off towards a crescendo full of noise and pathos, always on the verge of a nervous breakdown which, however, never occurs.

Ellis Dickson is from Brighton, and formerly he had been playing as a drummer in many bands. In 2019 he debuted with his solo project “Elastic”, always under the DIY sign of his own record label called “Change The F*cking Records!”


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ELLiS·D and his searing and unsettling single track “Homecoming Queen”.
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