“Exocoetidae” by Norii vibrates of pure emotion


I’m an Exocoetidae

Fish out of water

I’m nobody’s daughter

Anybody’s Prey

I’m an Exocoetidae”



The Exocoetidae, the mythological fairy-like flying fish, can be divided into various subfamilies, but some of them are rather shy and solitary, and as in this case end up being removed from their original context.

This is the case of Norii, that kind of artist that, when she sets her mind to write a song, is able to go deep, plumb the emotional abysses, and then soar lightly, like it was nothing, or using her words: “Spread my wings, and glide, and then forget”.


The sound is a well arranged fusion of alt-pop, experimentation and some glam nuances, and a dark matrix ready to emerge among more ethereal tones. Tastefully orchestrated synths, pauses that arrive at the right time, and a dreamy but effective melody, well finished, a perfect context in which nothing is “too much”.

Norii succeeds with creativity this second test, creating a contemporary pop gem that brings a story of personal disquiet and a sense of strangeness to the world, and that nonetheless ends up with a universal and perfectly recognizable sound.



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“Exocoetidae” by Norii vibrates of pure emotion
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