“Glow”: two soulful chords drop us, slowly, in the mood of the Lazy Frenky.


We could define it as a bedroom R’n’B, it’s an intimate pop, which uses the colors of soul music to paint everyday and realistic scenarios, produced with imagination and making full use of the means available.

Glow” is the debut song of the duo called the Lazy Frenky, a song that talks about love for oneself that brings with it the invitation to be more self-indulgent. We went a little deeper with this short but curious interview.

lazy frenzy 1

How was “the Lazy Frenky” born?

The Lazy Frenky” project was born from a disastrous New Year celebration and from the harmony between the ideas and the melancholies of Francesca and Andrea, two teenagers with an emotional baggage that resulted in a musical project in the name of the folk and the soul/R&B.

What are the influences that led to your songwriting?

Francesca has been building melodious and “workable” lyrics since she learned how to write, and her main influences come from the endless prairies of English folk and the dense forests of indie pop à-la Florence and the Machine. Andrea has a totally different background; his guitar has classical colors and the warm shades of bossanova and new soul.

What do you expect from your debut?

It’s a hard question, of course we hope to have some fertile feedback since this album is, let’s say, a “jewellery box” of all of our adolescence. We are sure that the context in which we will be launched will welcome us, as we see how the Italian music market is opening to new music. We also know that we’ll come into play as a very strong team where we feel in complete harmony. In short, we can’t wait to let you hear the ideas that have been hanging around in our heads for years, and how we turned them into summer-flavored candies for you to take whenever you feel down..


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“Glow”: two soulful chords drop us, slowly, in the mood of the Lazy Frenky.
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