Grace Lightman’s songwriting has many faces, all fascinating.[Album Review]


There’s an electro-pop that embraces many influences in “Silver Eater“, Grace Lightman‘s debut album, visionary and sublime, dark-hued romanticism, distilled in subtle and always well-chosen harmonies.

A subtle restlessness pervades the whole album, a concept inspired by the events of an alien arrived on earth (Silver Eater), just like that Thomas Jerome Newton from the famous Roeg’s movie starring David Bowie, here on the run from NASA and inexplicably in love with the human race, but going deeper what is represented here is the point of view of an outsider, something each one of us can easily identify themselves, at least in one respect.

There is soul, R’n’B, art-pop with references to the 80s Kate Bush, to the Abba’s synthetic disco-sparkles, but also to that early Kylie Minogue that made us see how much she was worth, globally seducing us with “Fever” and that gem of Kraftwerkian electro-pop that responded to the name “I Can’t Get You Out of My Head”.

Bowie style and majestic "Zero Impact", emotions and good vibes in "An Ordinary Life", perfect for a third season finale of Twin Peaks "Rescue Party", Moroder style and metronome in "Deep Space Getaway", interesting ideas almost everywhere in these 11 illuminating tracks. Even in the most introspective and shaded moments of the record a strong personality emerges, capable of giving the right direction to emotions, a disc with a compact sound structure and congenial design. According to the first round of artists recently announced, Grace Lightman will be present at the next edition of Liverpool Sound City, a perfect setting for listening live to an artist who has certainly been able to awaken us from some very soporific pop and to be noticed in all her peculiar originality and elegance.

Nando Dorelassi
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Grace Lightman’s songwriting has many faces, all fascinating.[Album Review]
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