HAN, BIRTHH, INUDE, VANARIN the cosmopolitan pop that is renewed from Italy.


In times of restrictions in our everyday life and limitation of free movement, such as these that we are experiencing following the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, we liked the idea of talking about that music that, although born in Italy, has the communicative power needed to spread around the world. In fact, there is a little niche of artists in Italy whose music finds home in the world, music that in the end doesn’t remain entangled in the closed rooms of our country’s record industry, with stale air and limited horizons. Today on Brexhip we want tell you about four of them, who turned innovation into virtue, but in the most spontaneous way and according to their artistic profile, building step by step a career that has lead them further than the anonymity of the national market, towards a deserved and desirable global visibility.

Han is certainly one of the most interesting Italian projects in terms of sound and style. Her track “1986” released in 2017 drew the attention of those who were hunting for some Northern European-style alt-pop here in Italy too, finding a real revelation in Giulia Fontana’s music. Her latest single “Lens” bears more British electro-pop influences, like Japanese House and The Xx in particular, soft synths, dreamy guitars, a voice that manages to spill emotions also thanks to its soft tones, sensitivity and fragility are transformed into granitic structures of fresh contemporary pop. Han has already played in many events around Europe (including an excellent performance at Primavera Sound).

BIRTHH has gone from being one of the national pop’s best-kept secrets to an actual international project, deservedly and globally appreciated. The sound of her latest “WHOA” reflects the enthusiasm of the transforming process of a “bedroom pop”, intimate but with refined textures, into a real jewel of music production that doesn’t spare on a certain experimental character, with excellent R’n’B and hip-hop moments, and graceful acoustic ballads, completed in a New York recording studio, with the support of Lucius Page and Robert LB Dorsey. Keep an eye on her live activity, as soon as global emergencies give us an opportunity.

The Inude come from Southern Italy, they make an intense electronic and vibey pop, hip-hop groove and R'n'B sounds permeate songs of disarming beauty. Their latest EP "Clara Tesla" is a treasure chest full of gems to be discovered and appreciated with enthusiasm, from their debut "Love is In the Eyes of the Animals" electronic music has acquired new and increasingly personal nuances. The lyrics, more and more inspired, frame them in a poetic horizon where the vision becomes more mature, more disenchanted. The Vanarin are from Bergamo, born from the meeting of Marco Sciacqua and David Paysden, both in love with the pop music signed Lennon/McCartney, they have slowly rediscovered over the years the warm contemporary nu soul sounds, and the fresher neo psychedelic dance floor attitudes of Tame Impala, in addition to the new hip-hop of Tyler The Creator and Steve Lacy. So, assisted by the competent rhythmic section of Marco Brena and Massimo Mantovani, more recently they began to pack sonic delicacies with an increasingly captivating mood. A velvety and colorful electro-funk finds shape in their latest "EP2", the format that contains five excellent tracks fully illustrating the fruit of their creative path, porous of past and current music.

Nando Dorelassi
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HAN, BIRTHH, INUDE, VANARIN the cosmopolitan pop that is renewed from Italy.
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