Hockeysmith’s subconscious pop [Review]


Defining her music as “Kylie Minogue on acid”, straight from the world of crime she counts Burzum’s black metal in ambient colours among her influences, frequenting raves in Cornwall, and if that weren’t enough to awaken your curiosity go listen to her bold use of Chris Rea’s “On the Beach” riff in a hypnagogic key in “Messed Up” from his latest EP “Tears at My Age“.

In this debut from Hockeysmith many things happen which are hard to square, songs stretching to 6 minutes in which vaporous synth-wave sounds crash with ethereal melodies à la Cocteau Twins, clubbing trajectories thrown like Ariadne’s thread, which lead us to places with perturbing atmospheres with increasingly blurry outlines.

A few days ago the video of "Dare You" came out, a happy marriage between a Dionysian party vibe and a still-life taken from a smart phone to frame the context. Where the sound becomes more recognisable and the atmosphere is pop and welcoming, like in "Lonely Loving Me", this is where Hockeysmith shows off her personal ability to make everything decadent and nostalgic, something irreparably corrupted by a reality that tries to colonize fantastic territories; I say ‘try’, because an EP like this puts up a strenuous resistance.

Nando Dorelassi
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Hockeysmith’s subconscious pop [Review]
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