Cactus? and their Riff-O-Matic indie-rock (no)party [Review]


No doubt about it, Cactus? have understood exactly how to make us itch for their upcoming album, coming out in a few weeks. After “Shy Hearts Club” comes “Late Night Noises”, relentless guitars adding to the composition of the best danceable indie-rock of the last 20 years.

The vocals give a sly wink at Underworld band of “Born Slippy” with an attitude that envelops us from head to toe, and all the other ingredients perfectly framed in a mad pursuing rhythm.

Now it’s time for “Sam Battle” introducing us to the (sometimes obsessive) hypnotic world of analog-synth, still supported by indie guitars that do their thing, in a flowing, continuous anti-chorus which play bravely with the structure of the piece. The singles flow wonderfully, in a never-ending (No)party. Cactus? have everything they need to be unforgettable – though you’ve gotta feel a bit sorry for the neighbours.

Nando Dorelassi
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Cactus? and their Riff-O-Matic indie-rock (no)party [Review]
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