Italian band Caveleon shares “Were We Too Young”.


The Caveleon is a prolific band, lately they have released two EPs (“Sometimes” and “Sometimes I’m Still”), a handful of songs in which acoustic folk sounds intertwine with some discreet and experimental electronics, with voices that outline the profile of a band that goes off the grid of national borders and looks elsewhere.

Were We Too Young” comes out at the end of summer 2021, the formula remains unchanged: guitars, synths, and piano together outline orderly geometries, and the vocals lead us into an emotional crescendo of rare intensity.

Not content with all of this, the band announces the arrival of an album scheduled for the end of October, and we hope there will also be a good string of concerts that will allow us to get closer to the sounds of this fine band, up and down on the Italian boot.


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Italian band Caveleon shares “Were We Too Young”.
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