“Jeté” is the new and fascinating EP by Raven.[EP Review]


Jeté” is the title of Raven‘s EP, released on October 25th, and “U Should Have Told Me” is the first single that introduced us to his sound, experimental and beat-oriented universe.

A piece that comes from an experimentation on his Wurlitzer, and that slowly, with a serendipity, finds its own form, acquiring an abstract garment that gives fascination to your listening.

A sample taken from an old folk record leads us into a spiral where the beat is the only handhold, a natural evolution that gives emphasis on physicality, on body movement.

Kate Tempest, Paul Weller, Mica Levi, Kwes and Bullion are some of the artists with whom Raven collaborated during his career, and his music takes great inspiration from dance as a physical and psychic discipline, as an experience and a contact with the world.

“I find people really inspiring, it’s amazing what can happen after a good conversation, it can give you a different perspective on things. I guess I’m always trying to get a new perspective in one way or another, I find that really creative” Raven claims, and from this openness to the world could only originate the warm and enveloping sounds that we find in these four tracks, an arty but intense house music, a mélange of sound in which everything is in its place, realized through a humanized technology and aimed mainly to emotions.

The second single released in October is "Floss", kick drum and a Middle Eastern phrasing that adds exotic nuances and a reference to a wide-ranging and transglobal world-music, synthetic and vibrant sounds constitute an exquisite music structure. There is also "DRM" in which ethno-techno suggestions predominate over an electronic scenario with more geometric lines, and there is also the space for the percussions of "Mifami" that unfolds in a minimal crescendo with an elegant and compact, introspective design, as seductive as the entire EP.

Nando Dorelassi
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“Jeté” is the new and fascinating EP by Raven.[EP Review]
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