On 26th October, the new single “Ghost” came out from singer-songwriter Josh Vine. The song was immediately supported by BBC Shropshire, just like with his other two singles.  The fact that it was released just before Halloween was, in this case, just a coincidence; there’s no reference to haunted houses or supernatural events, just an effort to defend our collective mental health from psychological disturbances that threaten our wellbeing, our relationships with others and with ourselves. The dusky tones of the piece and the dramatic intensity of Josh’s voice guide us on this journey through the dark rooms of solitude.

The single brings us in with a contrasting melancholy of sound, using a thin thread to unite the oppressive space with a sombre inner dialogue that cannot escape the emotional grasp, with a unclouded and realistic language.

Josh often performs solo, with his guitar, enchanting an often “bewitched” audience (to stay on theme) with his style, far from his mannerisms and from excess but following the tradition of the many British singer-songwriters; Buchanan, Hollis and Yorke, to name a few.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Josh in 2019, there will be new music and live shows, and other surprises from an artist who has shown up on the British pop-rock scene sure of himself and full of confidence after a successful debut.

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