Joyful and stylish pop-soul for Cara Hammond [Single Review]


Cara Hammond has been dealing with music since she was eleven, beginning to perform at fourteen, and from there began a career full of surprises.

In 2016 an EP entitled “Ray” attended more acoustic sounds, harmoniously solid and graceful in the melodies, an indie pop that flirted with the soul, relaxed atmospheres and an artist who allows herself a bit of an old-style romanticism, but welcoming and enjoyable from the first listen.

No” is a single from 2017, a more expanded and R’n’B approach, with flexuous bass and excellent guitar inserts, Cara’s voice becomes deeper and in search of new destinations, “How I Feel” is sweet and reflective, Cara’s introspection finds space in a pop with more electronic shades, a stylistic code that will begin to characterize much of her music from this moment on.

Cara's songs are bright, of a well-finished pop, she plays good music and it accompanies just as well Cara's vocal determination, always oriented to light, even when she looks back at: instead of the ruins of an ended relationship she sees the good moments lived together, as in "Good Times", a single pervaded by an innate optimism and a sparkling playfulness in the sound. Cara opened the shows of Mahalia and Charlotte Church, was named Artist of the Week by BBC Introducing and has played at many UK festivals over the past two years, confirming herself as an all-round artist, at ease at every stage of the show biz. "Such A Mess" is the peak of research in the dance/electro sound palette, perfectly in line with today's British contemporary pop, there is style and sensuality, Cara is an independent spirit that continues along her path, in continuous evolution of a songwriting that looks around and elaborates its own formula with great spontaneity.

Nando Dorelassi
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Joyful and stylish pop-soul for Cara Hammond [Single Review]
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