“Last Of The Sun”, a new ray of light from the Brighton based artist Lucy Feliz.


Lucy Feliz’s Last Of The Sun is a soothing, yet powerful journey into the reality of the world we live in. When we hear the words dreamy and celestial being thrown together, it is easy to imagine a blissed out album with nothing but good vibes. While this might be the case for the soundscape of Lucy Feliz’s second album, the lyrical notes turn it all around; pitting the sweet naivety of childhood against all odds of the harsh world we live in. This starkly noted in Paradise – on the surface a soft folk track about all things easy going and idyllic. Juxtaposed however with somber lyrical themes pointing towards the end of something, while still holding on to a sweet country rhythm. It is both soothing and chilling, something that Feliz continues to master throughout The Last Of The Sun.

The Brighton based artist utilises a host of fairytale references, namely in track Werewolf which seems to progress into the inner self coming out and taking pride in one’s true being. It’s a great symbol of using those familiar fairy tales to build strength as one grows up, feeling the impact of the real world – the fantasy and reality intertwining to form character. There is also a sense of escapism in such references, holding on to mystical beliefs in order to get through life.

Another key moment is the delicately bewitching single Magic Hour. Again referencing fairy tales with “happy ever after”, there is a romantic air to the song and in a way is similar to Werewolf in that they both spiral out in ecstasy before returning to calm. It’s a sense of going through change, whether that be just for the moment or everlasting. It all plays beautifully into Feliz’s aim for each song to represent a different part of identity.
The Last of the Sun tackles the ideology of identity and finding one self held strong in their own beliefs rather than the ones thrust upon them. The divine poetry in Feliz’s songwriting, not only in the essence of the story but the vocal patterns to match are impossible to ignore – a new delight to be found with each listen. A rich and earthy album with a soft and delicate energy that keeps you coming back for more.

Samantha Mae

Lucy Feliz


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“Last Of The Sun”, a new ray of light from the Brighton based artist Lucy Feliz.
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