Lucas Watt expresses all his grit in the vital EP “Fake ID”


We are everyday more convinced that the difference will never be made by a viral song, but rather by a vital song, and this is what we are talking about today on Brexhip thanks to Lucas Watt.
We just need to press play on the first of these 4 tracks and let them flow one after another, we will not only find ourselves satisfied to discover that guitar-oriented pop is a story with a future that is still possible – with finely personal evolutions and formulas, as in the case of this talented Yorkshire boy – but we’ll also find ourselves amazed at the freshness of a writing that inspects within and knows how to bring out the best.
What we need to do at this point is to leave this pandemic behind us and enter in a club to listen to Lucas Watt and his precious baggage of songs to share with us, and we are certain we’ll find enthusiasm and determination that will still be expressed as good as now in every phase of this career that we’ll be extensively discussed from now on.





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Lucas Watt expresses all his grit in the vital EP “Fake ID”
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