Molly Payton’s “Porcupine” is an EP that catches your attention and doesn’t leave it.


It may be the electric and rough sound of the guitars that skillfully intertwines with the acoustic ones, dragging us from the start to an unknown place. Or it may be, as it always is, Molly’s voice, so mysterious and fascinating while preserving a core of precious fragility, that leads us on the introspective journey of “Porcupine”.

We are always looking for new declinations of indie-rock, submerged by clouds, full of distorted memories and background noise, and when we find them and they even manage to add value to the genre, it’s always a revelation.

And so “Warm Body” shakes off the slumber and blooms in the shadows, never going too far from the narrow spaces where it was born. “How to Have Fun” seeks in the darkness the key to reach more playful dimensions, “I’m Too Smart” with that modest walk opens her heart, not evaluating the consequences.


Going Heavy” plays on jangly sounds before reaching the deaf explosion of a refrain carved in stone, talking with a universally decryptable vocabulary of emotions, reaching pop peaks never precluded to genius. “Planet Holiday” is the last noteworthy chapter of “Porcupine”, chords that don’t conceal the search of an easy pleasure, leaving intact the intensity of a work that has come into this world catching us by surprise, affirming the character and peculiarity of an artist who will leave her mark for a long time.



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Molly Payton’s “Porcupine” is an EP that catches your attention and doesn’t leave it.
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