Noa Noa’s tape unravels and entangles, making magnetic paths of an intimate and very personal representation of Afro-primitivist conscientious, through a curious and playful search to simplify the means available to produce it.

Nicolas Gaunin is a electronic composer from Padua who dabbles with various bands of the Kraut-Impro city circuit, including Orange Car Crash, and contributed by roaring at his guitar to the sunny raves of the Lay Llamas Psychs for a while.

It is thanks to that Neo Dadaist and conceptual forge that is Artetetra, and through the precious lens on the world of The Wire (which included him in April’s The Wire Tapper), that this gem has emerged from the abyss of the current electronic-experimental marasmus.

In “Rongo” (track chosen by Wire) everything flows in an almost documentary way in an exciting exotic simulation. The destructuring of the rhythms and the Dub spirit that animates the process create a fluctuating state for the listener and systematically characterize its enjoyment. It recalls the mood and the sounds of a forerunner album which is Crystal Smerluvio Riddims of the Romans Rainbow Island, which also involved in a search for “jingles” enclosed within impoverished and rhythmic endoskeletons.

Gaunin paints an analogous fresco, like a Gauguin of the “Tahitian” period, although portraying a jungle of artificial pixels like a video-game, in which nervous creatures hang from neon lianas, in an electro-tropical biome with glowing and fluctuating, aerial roots, destined to  etch itself onto your memory.

Nando Dorelassi


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