One-woman band, many stories to tell in a sparkling mix of music and good vibes with Sansha


We couldn’t put it better than “one-woman band” for Francesca Lewis, aka Sansha, an artist from South East London, ready to overwhelm us with music, words and genuine, fun, and amused enthusiasm.

Her latest single is called “The Moon” and is the result of an intense experience in Gambia, at the Madina Salam village, that Francesca visited thanks to the humanitarian organization called Wyce. The sound is a dance track where the choirs are intertwined with tropical synths, and a spoken word that gives us a glimpse of the African context where the piece has come to life. Everything collaborates in the creation of an exotic and imaginative groove, even the funny video clip that you can find here.After studying violin and trumpet as a child, Sansha developed a growing interest in composition, her first singles appeared in digital stores in 2017 and is entitled “Gonna Be“, a track with 80s flavor in a Swing Out Sister sauce, soft pads, and a voice that moves, sinuous and authentic, between phrasings of R&B winds in perfect Motown style.

Sansha, with her baggage made up of stories to tell, a synth, a launchpad and a trumpet, has performed in various events, from the Edinburgh Fringe to the Montreaux Jazz Festival, in her shows she puts herself on the line completely, telling about herself with irony, stimulating and involving the audience she has in front of her, with no hesitation or reluctance. After all, for Sansha music have to be the mean of choice to know the world around her, in the widest and most complete way if possible, as well as herself. "Blank Fall" is Sansha’s latest single, and she uses the shades of a delicate nostalgia to decorate an electro-pop track, shades of soul and easy listening à la Carpenters, a song that adds value to her production of the last three years. Francesca's fecund production will certainly be recognized from now on, she wrote and self-produced 50 songs in her own bedroom, and, considering her ardent enthusiasm, I imagine that she’s looking forward to making us listen to them.

Nando Dorelassi
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One-woman band, many stories to tell in a sparkling mix of music and good vibes with Sansha
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