Phoebe Marshall, the precious simplicity of indie-pop that conquers at first listen.


There are songs that seduce you in a few seconds, making you look for them again and again, because within them there is a genuine charge where you can immediately feel the talent, the balance, the enthusiasm that is inside the track, but also an innate maturity in composition.

Sometimes you have to go looking for these songs, they don’t come to your face whenever you turn on your music device, and actually it was in one of those meticulous researches that I ran into Phoebe Marshall’s SoundCloud profile.

Phoebe is a young Yorkshire singer-songwriter. After attending Leeds Music College and playing with some punk-rock bands, she began to carefully take her first musical notes, and a few days ago she released her second single entitled “If You Begged For Me Would I Have Stayed? “.

But let’s take a few steps back and let’s listen to “Don’t Tell Her”, perhaps the moment when Phoebe started getting serious, making a captivating, romantic, and ironic track with the adrenaline-fueled pop-punk references that are part of her background. In short, an excellent premise for all the music to come from this artist, who doesn’t seem to be lacking in grit and pop sensitivity.

The sound of "If You Begged For Me ...." it is more contemporary, the addition of electronic music with a more percussive tone gives appeal and groove, a more refined arrangement enriches the song, melody and lyrics get stuck in your head, and once again they identify the clear high-quality choices of a well-defined artistic personality. What is immediately clear is Phoebe's ability to write and produce music that preserves the freshness and the spontaneity that made it come to life, the consequence is nothing but drawing the attention of the right people and making the insiders listen carefully. Easy, alive, and pulsing indie-pop, ready to take flight. The formula works. Nothing else needed.

Nando Dorelassi
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Phoebe Marshall, the precious simplicity of indie-pop that conquers at first listen.
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