Seven Steps To Brexhip [December 2019]



“We are a punk-rock band from Ferrara, Italy. We are 15 years old and we play loud “, this is how the Arguments describe themselves, and listening to their EP “Draw” we could add that they made a smart move pinching the boring scene you often find among these sounds. Well done, very young and original.


The eclectic artist from Fermo in the Marche, Italy, is one of the best kept secrets of our peninsula, he makes gritty pop gems in a perfect British style. This piece of authentic garage-rock with the abrasive sound of a wild riff creates an irresistible tension. Contagious.

THE TRUSTED – WILD LOVEFacebook / Instagram

The Trusted come out with a brilliant new single, in which there are also some more Heartland nuances in addition to the alternative-rock that characterizes them. The sound convinces more than ever and is affected by the determination of these four Southend-On-Sea guys, and when you least expect it, a perfect refrain comes to raise the spirits, to light a fire that drags everything and everyone. Always better.

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THE LANCASTERS – HOWITZER  – Facebook / Instagram

The hard sound of the early Black Sabbath, the electric charge of the Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, and Rory Gallagher, these are some of the influences of the three musicians who all come from other well-proven projects (Tin Woodman, Sartoria Volume, Hachiman/Black Eyed Jack) and they know exactly which musical historical period let us feel again. The muscular riff takes shape between compact fogs of distortion and a drumming that drives the wild, Davide Chiari’s voice emerges among the fires of an artillery that does not seem to leave us any truce. Much more war than peace.

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THOMAS NOEL – ONLY PARIS  – Facebook / Instagram

The West Midlands singer-songwriter surrounds himself with a band and a sound very Steve Miller-ish. Paris is, in this track, a metaphorical place that makes love possible despite a thousand difficulties, art that imitates life, and a song becomes a way to leave a mark, or to face an unexpected change. Clear ideas.

DIRTY LACES – BACK OF THE LINE  – Facebook / Instagram

A sound that goes from proto-punk edges and pushes aggressively towards new goals, under a firmament of rock&roll stars. Being Kendar Calling and Liverpool Sound City attenders, the five from Manchester seem to want to settle permanently in contemporary brit-pop, with explosive pieces and live performances that are up to the challenge. Keep an eye on them.

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JOSH VINE – ALRIGHT  – Facebook / Instagram

A winding drum groove and then Josh Vine‘s voice in “Alright“, intense and vivid like the emotions that the piece rises while listening. Josh’s rock is gritty and nocturnal, full of emotion but also thick, his lyrics exploring human existential questions, looking inside with courage, in the recesses of the soul, and giving us the fruit of his introspection in all its genuine splendor, creating a direct connection with the listener. For a listening that leaves a mark.

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