Seven Steps To Brexhip [February 2020]


HANDSHAKE – LASAGNAFacebook / Instagram

The Handshake will take care of giving us the nourishment we needed, and I’m not talking about ice creams on the Moon or lasagnas that always cool too fast. Here we are on the side of an indie-pop that looks to the 90s with the sound of the beginning of the millennium, therefore charged with all the electric drive needed not to skip quickly and moving to something else. This is not the case, trust me.

GUEST SINGER – THINK FACE  – Facebook / Instagram

The pop of Guest Singer is sophisticated but intense, to the point of covering you and providing you with all the content you were looking for, there are plenty of moments in which soft-rock sublimates into electronic sounds that are full of emotions. And you will see, after this track next thing you do will be looking for this artist’s social profiles, with the desire to learn more about him and thrilled by an unstoppable curiosity.

DILETTANTE – UGLY YEAR Facebook / Instagram

A Broadway-style melody, a chance encounter between Barbra Streisand and Kate Bush, in which art-pop starts to swing, maybe at a cocktail party on the attic of a big city. The multi-instrumentalist Francesca Pidgeon manages to summarize her formula: visionary music, which serves a stimulating reading on different levels.

PEANESS – KAIZEN – Facebook / Instagram

The Peaness are three girls who met at the University of Chester, the “DIY” was their common passion, and guided by that was born an indie-pop that plays beautifully in its energy and spontaneous power. And as they say: “Give Peas a Chance”.

HEIR – GONNA BE GOLD – Facebook / Instagram

They can write refrains of disarming beauty, which hover lightly above. Crystal clear sounds, in a sensual and radio friendly pop, always stylish in the choices put into play. Be surprised by the harmonious intertwining, by the joyful attitude of this brilliant band from Leeds.

JERKCURB – WALKING IN THE AIR – Facebook / Instagram

In that unreal atmosphere, where the shapes seem to change with each look, Jerkcurb’s sounds feel at home. Each one of his pieces is a short film in where you can find a specific fantasy. Jerkcurb’s albums, as well as his original illustrations, are a real inter-dimensional space in which it is easy (and splendid) to get lost. And it’s no longer clear if we are in front of a broken-down jukebox from the 1960s or hanging on our headphones, between waking and sleep.

TALK TO HER – IBISCO – Facebook / Instagram

Hibiscus is a flower-symbol that crosses many cultures, from India to Nigeria, from Tahiti to us, where its meaning is linked to the concept of passion. Talk To Her are back in great style, with an electric tension that brings the dark-wave in the middle of the night, stripping it of its derivative elements and enhancing its essence, among the flashes of synthetic sounds that bear their signature. Their sound therefore manages to be recognizable and yet not to fall back on repeated formulas, looking forward once again. Don’t miss their debut album “Love Will Come Again”.

Nando Dorelassi

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