The beauty of punk is that it knew how to be ready to turn into “something else” when fighting to rise up out of the other genres, thrashing around in a future that was completely rejected by all the slogans. It braked as soon as it had put its foot on the accelerator, taking shortcuts and backstreets, waiting for some revelation. It would take a long time until someone came up with the bright idea of “new wave”, like a child with too many parents. And in the midst of all this, Spizz were right if they were already screaming “This is the new wave!”  at the top of their voices from their dynamite debut (6,000 Crazy, Rough Trade, under the watchful eye of Spizzoil). But Captain Kirk is today’s gossip – lost with the Enterprise in a terrestrial and contagious furrow.

Roxy Music at 78 rpm, glam rock pushed to the extreme, forcibly forged with Placebo, that’s what “Where’s Captain Kirk?” was! At least for this writer, it is one of the five inescapable singles of that furious two year period. Lying on a delicate air of Star Trek, the eclectic Spizz (a man of many names, but born Kenneth Spiers) erupted with the definitive anthem for all those faces looking to London for inspiration. Which no longer burned, and indeed he enjoyed it very much with his Virginia Plain transgender.

There is no anarchy, no antichrist, nor white revolts. Spizz goes over the top with an irresistible chorus that takes octane from rage by injecting fuel into a volcanic divertissement pop. Where is Captain Kirk? (find the rereading of R.E.M.) is a Dancing With Myself undressed by the Onanist machismo or a Boys Don’t Cry played in nowheresville with Banana Split. But not only since being the first number 1 of the independent charts, on 19 January 1980, with its 50,000 copies sold in a breath. If you wanted to explore further, there is Do A Runner (Athletico Spizz 80, of course), a disc that takes pride of place on all good CD shelves. There are no dark sounds, but the kraut yes: it doesn’t indulge in smoking guns and rather it self-sacrifices out of sight, loves the Can but longs for those Banshees to which legend ascribes the contract Rough Trade of ours,  ripped up during a stage invasion of Spizz’s gig at Barbarella in Birmingham during a Susanna concert.

Today – star date 2018 – Monsieur Spiers has not yet been tamed. He spends his days on stage, eating a lot of ice creams and numerous weekends in that Venice. William Shatner would approve.


Michele Benetello

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