It’s curious how someone who is “fiercely allergic to mint” (as declared on her FB page) can make music so fresh… Today we’re talking about Starling and how her enthralling pop sound has become the centre of attention of London’s artistic circles.

The debut EP in question is “The Soul”, opening with a piece that erupts in one beat after another, with a supple bassline and the voice of an artist working in the perfect range of timbres to get on the right frequencies.

“Profiteroles” has all the ingredients of the perfect hit, maximum calorie content, sensual yet incisive thanks to its bombastic kick-drum.

“All the Way” gets emotional in a way the others can’t touch, with retro-nostalgia and taste, while “Pink Wallpaper” seems to be the embellishing element of the disc, pink becoming an analogy of the most genuine and direct feminine sentiments.

“You” with its tantalizing guitar is pure euro-pop, ready to fly over the Alps to reach us here in Italy and get us listening to this extraordinary artist. 12 minutes of music and the amazing feeling of “that was not enough” that sometimes – thanks to artists like Starling – is still strong.


Nando Dorelassi

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