Streaming Premiere : “Crashed” by Reno.


Gray scenarios in the distance unsettle the quiet around, exacerbating conflicts and making the future more and more difficult to imagine. But this dystopian vision, unexpectedly, offers us an opportunity to better judge what comes from our senses, to notice important new details and therefore be able to draw new existential paths. Among the ruins of the uselessness that once dominated us with its oppressive architectures, a synthetic mutant sound flows, and brings within itself tragedy and oblivion, but also the seed of rebellion.

It’s the sound of "Crashed" by Reno, born in 1986, a retro-futurist mix of fusion-funk from the 70s that is enriched, along the way, with the dark sounds of certain surprise-oriented 80s soundtracks, of which Carpenter is the most authoritative representative - both in terms of sounds and movies -, but also with some more hedonistic digressions coming from the most icy and oblique italo-disco. A relentless groove sustains a structure of synths free to be projected onto unnaturally colored skies, a tension seems to harbor among the dust of the sound debris, anticipating an imminent revelation.

Nando Dorelassi
premiere RENO
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Streaming Premiere : “Crashed” by Reno.
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