Sugarthief are a band from the UK, based in Birmingham who are made up of brothers Jack and Jordi James, Reece Downton and Luke Owen. After forming back in 2015 the band have grown a considerable amount, as they now play a big part in the Birmingham Music Scene after developing a highly devoted group of fans who make the live shows complete havoc, with countless stage invasions and endless crowd surfing.

Taking influences from many bands including The Magic Gang, Swim Deep, JAWS, Superfood and Birmingham’s finest PEACE, they’ve created a sound which is different to a lot of their influencers. Their sound is still grounded within that indie/pop genre, yet the relentless catchiness is where Sugarthief manage to catch your attention.

Even though the band have yet to release their debut EP, their listeners rinse through their songs consistently, with Provideand ‘When Did it All Go So Wrong?’ achieving over 100,000 plays on Spotify.

Arguably their most catchy song has to be Joy Affair which is a laid back, head in the clouds anthemic sing along which could get the most hardened of people to forget about their bad day at work. With the simple tasty riff which starts the song off and continues throughout, Jordi provides the memorable lyrics “Why would you try to chase it all away / If you never face it, how’s it gonna go your way / You know this feeling doesn’t tend to stay / So stop trying to force it all away” which roll off the tongue with ease. However they do have a rougher side with ‘When Did it All Go So Wrong?’ as a scratchy lead guitar takes the forefront and gets you caught up, along with a very mean bass riff which has subtle hints of Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Overall their songs are relatable, which I think is the real unique feature about them, as their audience connects with them a very grounded level as they create an environment which is simply fun to involved with.

Sugarthief are only at the very start of their musical careers as they have so much to offer as a band and have some real promise. After receiving great reviews after performing at this years Truck festival and supporting The Twang on some of their UK Tour Dates there’s only one way the band can go.

Alex Wise

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