Tali Shear, a pop ballad to heal the wound, opening to new horizons. [Single Review]


Pop always bring diverse styles. As a result, we hear all kinds of sounds poking out of the long-lasting genre, but the new song ‘Fool’ from Tali Shear takes us down a new route entirely. 

The singer who resides in London has found a way to bring a meaningful ballad into the picture while providing a catchy and bold instrumental. The track gets underway with a quality you would only expect from this artist. She introduces a harrowing piano rhythm which in itself provides lots of emotion.

But, the real nail-biter is the flawless vocal performance from Tali. She sings about a time she was taken advantage of, sadly. Ultimately, leaving her feeling the fool. But, she also provides optimism which makes quite the paradox for a song quite like this one. Also, her lyricism is bright and witty. She takes us on an adventure through her words, proving that she is not just a great singer and songwriter but also a top-class storyteller too.

Overall, I have to say I was not expecting this track to hit me quite as much as it did. I always know that when I see a new release from Tali Shear that is going to be poignant and provide colossal flavour. But, this one offers something unique from the singer. Furthermore, it is hard not to fall for it due to its sharp hooks and emotional background. Also, I relish how the singer opens up in all honesty, she sings like we have not heard before, and her confidence and passion is dripping wet. You can listen to the new track 'Fool' by Tali Shear below. Also, I expect she will have plenty more like this one in the pipeline too. Therefore, if you are digging this new release, then be sure to follow her on social media for all the latest updates.

George Davids
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Tali Shear, a pop ballad to heal the wound, opening to new horizons. [Single Review]
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