The exotic psychedelia of Weird Bloom and Dizzyride [Review]


Weird Bloom and Dizzyride have presented the fruit of their collaboration; “The Flying Pan Club” is a visionary piece in which the outcome is greater than the sum of its individual contributions.

Luca di Cataldo’s, or rather Weird Bloom’s forte is dazzling beatlesque weird-pop, whereas those Italo-Canadians Dizzyride favour a psychedelic soul, feverishly exotic and light-hearted.

Vintage and sometimes oblique sounds flow throughout the piece, swinging and shuffling us to a different era, to a place far removed from most music played nowadays.

These two artistic projects have found each other as kindred spirits, able to experiment on common ground at Pom Pom Studio in Rome. This work is a cross between the saturated colours of the cartoons (reflected in the artwork by Costanza Coletti) and sketches where only logic itself is left out of the game. We can see that this collaboration has everything it needs to take us far away from everything we already know, far from reality and closer to self-sustaining dream. The shape of it couldn't be anything else other than this vintage psychedelia, the only way for absolute freedom to find its own space in the digital era. .

Nando Dorelassi
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The exotic psychedelia of Weird Bloom and Dizzyride [Review]
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