The Flawes: inspired pop ready to be appreciated in any role [EP Review]


Strange but true, “Highlights” is a debut album, the sound is mature, enhanced by a voice that remains impressed, on-spot melodies always in-focus: in short, a very relevant disc, which flows smoothly while listening, capable of touching the right strings, and where nothing is left to chance. So here raise the Flawes with “Lowlights”, but don’t rush to conclusions: this EP was not made in a hurry, product of a world health emergency, consistently with the style of the hit and run streaming that bounce on us 24/7 from every social network. In this case the track are a summary cut to the bone of the twelve pop gems of their debut, contemporary in every version they are presented, even in the skinny versions of this EP, in which it’s the songwriting that stands out in its simple elegance, and, albeit stripped of the refined production that permeated the previous work, it still manages to give us an uncut core of grace and talent.

An opportunity to go a little deeper, that Flawes fans won’t want to miss, and that will give the right push to go and dig out that debut so bright and full of precious ideas to the newbies, and that cant’ be missed by the lovers of the most sophisticated and inspired.

Nando Dorelassi
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The Flawes: inspired pop ready to be appreciated in any role [EP Review]
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