The hypnagogic lo-funk by the Cactus? in their “Blue Lips / Cold Heart”. [Single Review]


A single that takes us by surprise, the latest one by the Cactus?: a breath of 80s nostalgia and an unprecedented reflective streak, between psyche and aesthetics, all in a mix that entertains and convinces us, and therefore perfectly in line with what this band from Vicenza offered from the beginning of their career.

The Cactus? let themselves go within a hypnagogic pop and a funk from the 80s, but they always see the world from a contemporary lens. It’s their very personal “Haunted Graffiti” what we see flowing before our eyes, while the synth rages with scant chords permeated by languid sadness and decadent romanticism, before a brilliant riff reminds us of the trio’s typical verve, that in this latest single is hanging in the balance between weird-pop and a ’83 Festivalbar (an Italian music festival from the 80s and 90s, TN) from a summer night so rarefied in our memory that (maybe) it never existed.

The image, the essence, a continuous adulteration of our appearance, photoshopped masks that impose themselves in a mystified and massified communication, which moves us further and further away from what we really are, this is the theme of the song; the title "Blue Lips / Cold Heart " as an expression of external camouflage, but also as a metaphor of a profound annihilation of the most authentic and peculiar part of oneself.

Nando Dorelassi
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The hypnagogic lo-funk by the Cactus? in their “Blue Lips / Cold Heart”. [Single Review]
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