The intense electro-pop of DOMI [Review]


A combination of Dominika’s voice and a hypnotic bassline that twists here and there….That’s the beginning of “Let Me Follow”. There’s a growing tension throughout, but also a sensation that light wins over the dark touches of the piece, named DOMI.

That typical alternative rock structure is adorned with a more electronica looking arrangement, (the drumming in the chorus is almost jungle in sound) and the dramatic chords define the piece as even more refined than before.

Ruy Okamura’s visually stunning music video jumps between seduction and deception, a an almost invisible tragedy that burns itself out like a firework. Dominika lives in Leeds, and was the finalist of the 2010 Czecho Slovakia’s Got Talent. In this track she shows clear ideas and musical sensitivity. We hope to hear more singles of this quality from this interesting artist.

Nando Dorelassi
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The intense electro-pop of DOMI [Review]
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