The post-punk anthem of the post-Brexhit generation, the Saults and their “Proud”


This is how it is: “Proud” by the Saults is the angry but also intimate soundtrack of today’s British post-punk and post-Brexit youth. The pressing bass, cavernous and dark, a primitive and basic riff, all contribute to the creation of a vibrant energy ready to subvert our normality.

“Post-Punk Dissonances from the Greater Manchester” is how they define their music, not caring about mixing “proto” with “post” – punk, which is a bit like contaminating the anger that you feel facing the falling of reason that seem to be Britain today, with a tremendously lucid new spirit, while signing the historical and social testimony of a twenty-year-old from Northern England who chooses to communicate his desperate disappointment with the sound of electric lashes and vocal attacks on the microphone, never just for its own sake.

The result is a thrill down the spine while listening, like when we are dealing with something fascinating but wild and elusive, or when we run a risk, but we know deep down, somewhere inside us, that this is the road to be taken in the end, out of respect for what we are, to our nature. And the Saults are excellent specimens of this nature, inevitably intoxicated by the present but still ready for rebellion. Don’t underestimate it: it’s the only political view that still means something.

Nando Dorelassi
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The post-punk anthem of the post-Brexhit generation, the Saults and their “Proud”
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