The Trusted – Cigarettes & Chandeliers


Among the many talents of the Trusted is their ability to hit the right riff perfectly every time, an ability that had to feature heavily in their latest single “Cigarettes and Chandeliers”. The drumbeat is somewhere between garage and swing, accompanied by bluesy guitar notes firing out without warning and with the usual liveliness that characterises this four-piece’s music.

This piece almost evokes the power of the jazz big bands from 40’s America: just imagine them supported by those powerful brass sections from a Count Basie style orchestra. We wander carelessly into the sound vortex that drags us into a snapshot of a relationship, photographed like a scene from a film noir. The title is the first thing to strike us, symbolic and iconic, straight from the depths of our cinematic memories, that sets the scene that continues one frame after the other, with a retro style recalling an Elvis Costello of his “Watching the Detectives” period.

The single was produced by Rees Broomfield at SS2 Studios, mixed and mastered by the loyal programmer and DJ Pete Gleadall (artist director of David Bowie, U2, Robbie Williams and the Pet Shop Boys).

Yet more proof of the vast talent of these four musicians who have so many stories to tell, and seem to have found the best way to tell them: creating one hit after another that captures the best of British (and other) music of the last thirty years, but making it their own, thanks to the group’s sharp ear and a strong personality.


Nando Dorelassi

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The Trusted – Cigarettes & Chandeliers
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