Her EP called “gradients” came out a few months ago and is definitely among the most interesting releases in our country. Sounds are soft and refined, her voice is caressing with a hint of mild melancholy. Giulia, aka HAN, is on the eve of important changes. We asked her three questions and she gave us three answers and a playlist, we couldn’t ask for more.

What stage of your artistic life are you in right now?

I’m finishing my first album and at the same time I’m preparing to move to another country, two things I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. If I were a Pokemon, this would be my first evolution. I’m different from when I started, but I’m still not at my achievable peak for sure. I still have a lot to learn and a change of set will definitely help me.

What music is influencing your songwriting in the current period?

I started listening to many Italian artists, like Venerus, Tatum Rush, Marco Giudici, Andrea Laszlo De Simone. While, on the English front, I discovered Becky and the Birds launched with this beautiful album, “Arlo Parks”, for the 4AD Records, and the latest from Birthh “WHOA”, I’m listening to it, like, every day…

What should we expect from HAN in the immediate future?

Music that gets stuck in your head, and possibly a bit of insanity.



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